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Introducing Trex ‘Enhance Basics’ Decking

Now Trex Can Be Cheaper Than Wood!

As Low As $1.59 Per Linear Foot!*

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‘Beach Dune’

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‘Clam Shell’

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Northville Lumber has carried Trex since 1996 when it first became available on the market.  Composite decking has grown increasingly popular over the past decade and Trex has been at the forefront as they were the first company to develop and manufacture this style of decking and they continue to improve with each generation. 

At Northville Lumber we stock all Trex products for our professional contractors and do-it-yourselfers because Trex makes things easy.  The Trex product line is broken down into three series and a Best, Better, and Good system…. so, there are decking options for everyone.  No single manufacturer has the range of products like Trex and we stock them at Northville Lumber.

An important element of our Trex business at Northville Lumber are the Certified Trex Pros who build decks.   Trex Pros are expertly trained by Trex to insure they adhere to installation requirements and program guidelines.  Trex Pros know what works and what doesn’t when building your deck and we can recommend one if needed.  

Northville Lumber stands behind the Trex product line because Trex stands behind the products they make.  If your in the market for a deck stop by our Trex showrooms and speak to our sales staff to answer all your questions.

– The Northville Lumber Team

We can recommend a Certified Trex Pro to build your deck or help you and your builder get it right.

Trex decks on display at Northville Lumber
Trex decks indoor display at Northville Lumber
Explore Trex® Decking color and railing options on our outdoor and indoor deck displays.

Easy Care, Long Life
Trex® Composite Decking

Trex® is considered one of the inventors of wood and plastic composite decking. First produced in 1988 and patented in 1998, Trex decking contains 95% recycled content consisting of waste wood (sawdust) and polyethylene plastics (think grocery bags!) that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Trex is easy to care for: No annual painting or staining required. In general, soap and water is all that is required to clean Trex Transcend®, Enhance® and Select® decking.

Northville Lumber has been selling Trex since 1996 and stocks more Trex products than anyone in Michigan!

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Made from 95% Recycled Materials!

Trex® Decking Collections

Trex Trancend Line deck

Trex Transcend®Best
Top-of-the-line decking that outperforms and outlasts

Trex Transcend decking offers fade and stain protection, enhanced mold and mildew resistance plus a strong outer shell with a scratch-resistant finish.

The wide range of colors and rich wood-grain aesthetics in the Trex Transcend line make it easy to design a deck that will perfectly complement your home and be a favorite place for family to relax.

5 Premium Tropical colors

  • 5/4 x 6 – 12′, 16′ and 20′ lengths
  • 2 x 6 – 16′ and 20′ lengths
  • 2 x 4 – 16′

3 Classic Earth Tones

  • 5/4 x 6 – 12′, 16′ and 20′ lengths
  • 2 x 4 – 16′

Fascia board profiles in all 8 colors

  • 1 x 8 and 1 x 12 – 12′ lengths

Trex square edged boardTrex traditional square edge boards install with deck screws, like wood.

Trex grooved edged board

Grooved edge boards are installed with the Trex Hidden Fastening System, leaving a smooth finish that is free of screw holes.

Trex Trancend Line deck

Trex® Transcend Lineage

The next generation of design & performance

Transcend Lineage comes in four luxurious, on-trend colors: Biscayne, Rainier, Carmel and Jasper. These tranquil tones create a clean canvas for your outdoor space. The colors and rich wood-grain aesthetics make it easy to design a deck that will perfectly complement your home and be a favorite place for family to relax.

Transcend decking maintains its vibrant color and luxurious finish—come scorching sun or red-wine spill—thanks to its unyielding shell protection. Trex Transcend decking offers fade and stain protection, enhanced mold and mildew resistance plus a strong outer shell with a scratch-resistant finish.

4 Tranquil Tones

Grooved-Edged Board

  • 1×6, – 12’, 16’ and 20’ lengths

Square-Edge Board

  • 1×6, – 16’ and 20’ lengths

Fascia board profiles in all 4 colors

  • 1×8 and 1×12, – 12’ lengths

Trex square edged board
Trex grooved edged board
Trex Lineage square-edge and grooved-edge boards


Trex Enhance line deck

Trex Enhance®
Two easy-care, worry-free options

Enhance is a great introduction to the Trex line for anyone considering a beautiful, low-maintenance deck. At a perfectly positioned price, Trex Enhance is sure to impress.

Trex Enhance decking offers both fade and stain protection and enhanced mold and mildew resistance. And unlike wood, Trex provides a soft splinter-free finish that is comfortable underfoot.

Mix and match Enhance with all Trex railing lines for a completely custom look.

Trex Enhance® Naturals – Better

4 Multi-Tonal Shades
Authentic wood-grain appearance adds depth and luxury.

  • 5/4 x 6 – 12′, 16′ and 20′ lengths
  • Square edge and grooved edge board profiles available

Trex Enhance® Basics – Good
As Low As $1.59 Per Linear Foot!*

3 Traditional Colors, Long-Lasting
The durability of composite with the affordability of wood.

  • 5/4 x 6 – 12′, 16′ and 20′ lengths
  • Square edge and grooved edge board profiles available

Fascia board profiles in all Enhance colors

  • 1 x 8 and 1 x 12 – 12′ lengths

Trex Enhance scalloped board profileTrex Enhance® scalloped boards are as lightweight as lumber – without the extra work!

Trex Select line deck

Trex Select®Better
Simple & Affordable

Trex Select decking makes adding an ultra-low-maintenance outdoor living space to your home more affordable than ever. Mold and mildew resistant.

Available in 5 earth tone colors. Trex Select has a traditional solid profile in both grooved and square-edged boards.

5 Nature-Inspired Colors

  • 5/4 x 6 – 12′, 16′ and 20′ lengths
  • 2 x 6 – 16′ and 20′ lengths

Fascia board profiles in all 5 colors

  • 1 x 8 and 1 x 12 – 12′ lengths
collage of various colors of Trex decking

Nature Inspired
Trex® Color Options

Trex is available in a palette of beautiful colors – there’s a color sure to enhance every home – and we stock them all!


Countless Combinations
Trex® Railing

Most deck, balcony or porch projects include a railing. Before Trex, most non-wood railing was white vinyl. Trex pioneered a capped-wood composite railing using technology developed by Andersen (the window people) and paired it with the best-in-class decking line, Transcend®.

In 2013 Trex introduced Signature®, an aluminum railing that defines minimum and maximum in terms of profile and strength. Both Transcend and Signature rail include interchangeable components that result in thousands of possible combinations, allowing you to create a truly customized look.

Never one to stop innovating, the updated Trex Select railing combines low-maintenance PVC with the classic maintenance-free look of round aluminum balusters in the charcoal black color. Trex Select railing contains 40% recycled content, reinforcing Trex’s position as an eco-friendly industry leader.

Northville Lumber has dozens of Trex railing combinations on display. We invite you to visit to our showroom to see, compare and touch the best railing products available today.

Trex Transcend line railing

Premium ultra-low-maintenance railing with a painted-wood look, Transcend is available in seven colors that both match and complement all Trex decking colors. Can be used in conjunction with Transcend, Enhance and Select decking lines.

The Transcend railing line is truly modular, allowing almost limitless combinations of components. Over-the-post (cocktail rail), post-to-post, composite or aluminum balusters, level rail, stair rail or curved, all are possible with Trex Transcend rail.

Trex Transcend rail contains a minimum of 40% recycled content.

Trex Signature line railing

An aluminum railing with applications beyond decks, porches and balconies. Trex Signature railing provides both a minimum profile allowing for beautiful views and maximum strength that only metal can offer.

Available in three colors and used with aluminum posts or in combination with Transcend rail sleeves, Signature rail is fully compatible with all Trex decking colors. Over-the-post (including cocktail rail), post-to-post, square and round balusters, and even gates are all options with Trex Signature rail.

With installation over wood framing or hardscape surfaces, Trex Signature rail can create a seamless look.

Trex Select Line railing

A classic and simple white railing that never needs painting or staining. Trex Select rail will complement any Trex deck or house color.

Mix Select white top and bottom rails with posts, skirts and caps in any color from the Transcend line for a custom look at an affordable price that fits almost any budget.

Simple installation designed for the do-it-yourselfer.

Trex Select rail contains a minimum of 40% recycled content.

Trex Signature line aluminum gate

Trex Aluminum Gates are available in three colors and are sized to fit any opening up to 48” wide. Trex Aluminum Gates are compatible with Trex Transcend, Trex Signature and Trex Select railings.


Trex ADA-compliant handrail

Trex Aluminum ADA-Compliant Handrail is a heavy-duty aluminum graspable rail system with a full complement of components to accommodate any potential ADA installation, residential or commercial. Available in three colors. Trex ADA rail works with all Trex rail systems, Transcend, Signature and Select.

Trex® Lighting

High-performance CREE LED lighting casts a warm, white light (3000 deg. Kelvin). Trex Lighting is tough, weather resistant, energy-efficient and installs easily via Trex’s LightHub connections.

Trex Deck lighting has both remote and dimmable functions available. All Trex Lighting is backed by a 7-year limited warranty.

Trex Deck Lighting adds warmth, safety and ambience to your outdoor space. Available in a range of styles.

Trex post lights
  • Post Cap Lights for Trex Transcend, Signature and Select rail are available in all railing colors for seamless integration.
  • Trex Deck Rail Lights add indirect warm white light to the beautiful Trex deck below. Three colors available: Black, White, Bronze.
  • Trex Stair Riser Lights illuminate deck stairs and are required by code in many areas. Three colors available: Black, White, Bronze.
  • Trex Recessed Deck Lights install flush with the decking surface and can be used to light a railing section or any other surface.

Innovative Solution
Trex RainEscape Deck Drainage System

Cutaway view of Trex RainEscapes system

For years we watched deck builders struggle with various attempts to protect the outdoor living space under a deck from rainfall. Generally, this is a concern when a deck features a walkout or enclosed patio below. When Trex introduced RainEscape, we couldn’t have asked for a better system.

Installed in conjunction with your Trex (or any other) deck, RainEscape not only diverts rainwater, it also keeps the floor joists dry, allowing for a finished (i.e. wood or other) ceiling with a dry space for wiring overhead lights, fans and speakers.

Innovative Systems
Trex Hidden Fasteners & Specialities

Trex hidden fastening system

Northville Lumber recommends (and stocks!) the Trex Hideaway® Hidden Fastener system – installs between deck boards, fastening them to the joists with no visible deck screw heads on the walking surface. This system also creates consistent spacing between the boards for a precision appearance.

  • Universal Fasteners – connect 2 boards together
  • Start/Stop Clips – for mounting perimeter boards
  • Handy ‘Gun Pail’ – a bucket full of everything you need to install a 500 sq. ft. deck with a pneumatic gun (gun not included, but detailed instructions are!)
  • FastenMaster TrapEase III – Color-matched composite decking screws
  • FastenMaster Cortex – Versatile Hidden Fastening System
  • Specialty tools, blades and accessories for working with Trex composite material

Build Better Decks
with PWT Treated LVL!

When it comes to deck framing PWT Treated LVL provides savings on material costs and labor.

PWT Treated LVL Joists provide a perfectly FLAT decking surface.  No crown, warp, twist, cracks or wane commonly found in solid-sawn lumber. With Longer spans you’ll need fewer post holes, posts and cement. You can eliminate beams, hardware and most importantly… ELIMINATE LABOR!.

PWT Treated LVL Beams are GREAT for walkout decks.  Your customers will love the open space YOU have created underneath the deck.  We have treated LVL beams IN STOCK …no waiting on a special order size.

PWT Treated LVL’s are treated all the way through. They can be painted or stained, and contain no VOC’s. In fact, PWT Treated LVL qualifies as a ‘green’ building product and a renewable resource..

Limited 25-year Transferrable Warranty and 50-year life expectancy. 

PWT Treated LVL is the only commercially available fully treated LVL… and we have it IN STOCK.

Beams:  1 ¾”x 11-⅞”, 14” and 18”, Lengths: 16’,20’,24’,28’, 32’ and 48’
Joists:  1-½”x7-¼” (2×8), Lengths: 16’,20’ and ,24’.

Treated Decking Install
Treated Joist Close-Up

At Northville Lumber
we think the CAMO Lever is so simple it’s genius!

Trex hidden fastening system

Save time and labor costs with the versatile CAMO Lever! No Deck Builder should be without one.

  • Straightens and locks in boards, freeing you up to fasten.
  • Speed up grooved deck installs and save labor costs.
  • Straighten any warped board.
  • Multi-directional lever locks in one turn

Available at Northville Lumber.

CAMO Lever
CAMO Lever
CAMO Lever

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