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There are many great reasons for installing wood mouldings in your home. Whether your intent is to increase the value of your home, to showcase your own unique sense of style, or to simply reduce finishing costs. Mouldings offer you the opportunity to design and create the home you have always imagined!

Mouldings are one of the few things you can add to your property that have the potential for immediate reward. Simply said, installing wood mouldings increases the value of your home or business estate. Installing crown moulding, wainscot paneling, chair rails or mantel trims enhances architectural elegance and distinguishes your property from others. Using a variety of moulding profiles, in addition to traditional baseboards and casings will upgrade the look of different rooms and highlight the special care that has gone into your property.

Your home should be a place of comfort and inspiration. It is a true reflection of the way you live your life. Installing wood mouldings to your home allows you to display your creativity and authenticity to the world! Visit our moulding gallery and buildup sections for inspiration on how to turn your home into a unique and timeless masterpiece!

In addition to their structural majesty, mouldings also serve a range of functional purposes. Baseboards, for example can be used to conceal the gap between your floor and wall. Similarly, casings serve to disguise the opening between your door and wall. Mouldings also serve in the transition from different materials such as paint and wallpaper, or can be used to emphasize contrasts between the same materials. These extra details can help you significantly reduce the finishing costs in your home.

Moulding Buildups

Moulding buildups enable you to combine multiple moulding profiles to produce an extraordinary effect. We invite you to browse several of our suggested "families" of profiles, to begin the process of unlimited creativity and imagination.

Mantel Trims

A mantle is the focal point of your room. Our assortment of mantle buildup options can help you decorate your fireplace mantle and create an impressive centerpiece that adds both polish and decorative finish to your room.

Option 2 shows a beautifully crafted, yet relatively straightforward fireplace mantel buildup. This fireplace mantel style will add an elegant look to any fireplace. You will need a piece of 1 x 6 and 1 x 2 S4S lumber, a crown, a baseboard and a piece of blocking. See our helpful installation guides to find out how to install this fireplace mantel.

Ceiling Mouldings

Installing wood ceiling mouldings add character and substance to any interior. Crown mouldings soften the transition from wall to ceiling and add a distinctive look and charm to any room.

Option 1 shows a crown buildup that uses a crown moulding surrounded by two identical baseboards. This look enables you to make a more impressive statement with your ceiling trim. By surrounding the crown with two baseboards, one on the ceiling and one on the dry wall, the crown becomes more pronounced and noticeable. Visit our installation guides page to find out how to install a crown buildup.

Door and Window Mouldings

Installing wood door and window mouldings can have an incredible effect on the look and character of your home by concealing the gap between the drywall and the door/window frame. Brilliantly defining the character of a room, our door and window mouldings will complete any room.

Option 9 is a simple to install door and window moulding buildup that is made of a crown, a 1 x 6 piece of S4S lumber, and a panel mould. This moulding buildup will add a unique look to your doors and windows enabling them to really stand out.

Door and Floor Mouldings

Door and floor mouldings are offered in a variety of designs and styles to compliment your dcor. Installing wood mouldings to upgrade your entrance and floor will make an obvious improvement to your home and give you the finished look that you've always dreamed of.

Moulding buildups for door and floor applications can consist of a wide variety of arrangements. Whether it's a tall baseboard moulding placed with a wide casing, a piece of S4S lumber with a panel cap as a baseboard combined with a fluted casing, or a thin baseboard moulding combined with a plinth block and a thick casing, the sky's the limit to what you can do with our selection of wood mouldings.

Wall Trim

Installing wood wall trim mouldings adds elegance and charm to your home. Wainscots and chair rails beautifully accent a room while protecting walls from scuffs and dents. Panel mouldings are used to frame wall paneling and add a decorative element to this type of application.

Option 11 is a chair rail buildup that uses two identical casings arranged to provide a symmetrical look with one casing facing up and the other facing down. This arrangement can finish the look of a wainscot or add character to any wall. The other options shown below also provide a polished look to any room.